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Van Merle IP Counsel Select specializes in selecting outside IP counsel.

We provide the following services:
  • the selection of patent and trademark firms
  • the selection of patent translation agencies
  • the selection of prior art search firms
  • the selection of patent monitoring firms
  • the selection of annuity payment providers
  • the selection of EPO opposition experts
  • regular auditing of outside IP counsel
  • contract renewal with outside IP counsel
We have created a global database of patent firms containing almost all countries of the world:
  • the technical specializations of the patent firms
  • the clients of the patent firms
By using this database, we can advise you precisely:
  • which patent firms and which patent attorneys are specialized in your technologies
  • which patent firms have been engaged by your competitors
We serve companies:
  • filing fewer than 10 to more than 100 patent applications in one jurisdiction each year
  • worldwide, with a focus on companies in Europe and the USA
  • in many kinds of industries
  • by selecting the most suitable IP counsel in all countries of the world
Our clients confirm the following advantages of working with us:
  • 20% to 30% savings on attorney fees
  • improvement of the quality of the outside counsel
  • reduction of the number of outside counsel

Please contact us if you would like us to calculate the savings and assess the further advantages for your company.
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